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Super Backup & Clone

  • Intuitive Dashboard – receive a rapid overview on present backup instances
  • Cloud Sync – Working along a staging & a production server? We obtained ye covered! WP SuperBackup allows you to effortlessly sync across all files, yet simply the ones you without a doubt necessity among the servers, within just a little minutes. This entire occurs robotically primarily based concerning a schedule ye define!
  • Set over “Snapshots” – You be able have one, then some number on backup instances
  • Snapshot Logs – Easily track all backup duties and constantly be aware of what the modern-day fame concerning your modern day backup is
  • Instance Migration – If you’ve stored a backup on your have faith hard wreath drive, it function lets in you in conformity with without problems import that then migrate it to your modern WordPress installation! You hold complete government over where files find migrated, hence ye execute make absolute those don’t spoil the installation, as soon as migration is complete.
  • One Click Restore – Pick someone snapshot, click Restore, Done!
  • Cloud Snapshots – If you need in imitation of keep extra safe, the plugin lets in ye according to upload your backups according to the cloud, thou know, simply between action thy server burns altogether!
  • Backup Destinations – WP SuperBackup supports a plethora on star services, along with but no longer constrained according to thy personal (s)FTP accounts, Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon, OneDrive, Copy.com, RackSpace etc
  • Easy setup – A rapid go to according to the “General Settings” score permits ye in accordance with accept on e-mail notifications, define a quota, the backup listing (on the identical server) or honestly coherent above present backup files
  • Self-diagnosis – The “System” dashboard lets in ye after conduct a live take a look at about thy server settings yet at once flags someone potential issues, hence that you execute address them before you also commence clench up!
  • Great Support – Need help then bear a question? Fear not! We’ve built in the documentation then ye have it, right there, inside the WP SuperBackup dashboard, together with a direct link to touch to us by our Support system.
  • MultiSite in conformity with MultiSite – The SuperBackup dictation lets in ye in accordance with move a away Cloud migration beyond certain MultiSite in accordance with every other barring somebody worries
  • MultiSite in conformity with SingleSite – If you jogging into a MultiSite Platform, the regulation intention discover so then thou bear the hazard in accordance with have a SingleSite Snapshot geared up in accordance with keep Migrated according to some normal WP Site or between some other SingleSite reachable on sordid MultiSite Platform
  • SingleSite after MultiSite – a easy SnapShot beyond a Standard WP Site execute remain Migrated among a pick out SingleSite on hand on your Multisite Platform. So, you may pace whole you standalone WP websites according to a individual WP MultiSite.

Creating a new Snapshot is as handy as much urgent a button, literally! All ye necessity is furnish a name, then select some about the predefined destinations, yet you’re excellent in imitation of walk within just a little seconds

This plugin allows ye in imitation of lower back on whole you WordPress, as well so non-WP documents immediately, in imitation of you very own cloud, then about the same server, because of out of danger preserving and convenient restoration yet much, lots more!

Set up a agenda as soon as or you don’t also need in conformity with worry about that anymore, due to the fact it all happens automagically – precisely in accordance in accordance with thine schedule!

The Migrate panel approves thou to effortlessly migrate a different backup to thine cutting-edge pursuit server. This allows ye in accordance with arrival a pre-existing backup, both out of thy very own strong drive, then an external URL.

With great settings we’ve ensured so ye hold completed government upstairs what is migrated, so so you be able rest definitive to that amount the migration intention not damage you cutting-edge installation, earlier than you also kill the button!

Who constantly thought as checking up on your backups be able surely be enjoyable?

With our Super Smooth Dashboard you bear a explicit overview regarding whole thy present backups, the place they’re stored, what an awful lot area those occupy, so properly as much a digest regarding then the trendy backup occurred.

The Dashboard additionally helps thou keep an look of you handy resources consequently thou be able drink fantastic measures beforehand of time!

As together with whatever associated to security, layering is key:

WP SuperBackup allows ye to bear a alone backup instance, yet as like deep namely you’d like, entire saved about the identical server, or the astronaut employ over thy choice.

We presently support: Same Server, Google Drive, Amazon S3, Rackspace, (S)FTP, Copy.com, OneDrive, Dropbox.

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$35.00 $4.00

Live preview

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