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Get Shipping Rates by way of the Australia Post Shipping API

Do you need after aircraft products within yet round Australia? Use the Australia Post service in conformity with aircraft you products? The Australia Post Shipping Method makes that a breeze.

Australia Post is a top class shipping technique who pass you arrive delivery charges out of Australia Post’s Shipping API who handles both domestic yet international parcels.

The extension requires to that amount you shop uses Australian Dollars for it’s currency then notably mill including cm or kg, but ignoble units do remain converted automatically. It be able check attendance or expenses on the according services:

Please note: The Australia Post Shipping Method is for honor calculations only by the API, then does not support “Prepaid Parcel Post satchels” yet their altar discounts.

Other features:

  • Enable additional features certain as much extra insurance or shipping confirmation.
  • Enable/disable, fulfill the names of, and accumulate charges according to services
  • Pack objects individually or using the wrought in box packer

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$79.00 $4.00

Live preview

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Last Update: December 31, 2021
Released: November 20, 2021


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